Paper Made from Beer?

About this time last year I managed to beg my way into an event a the Pink Palace Museum called The Science of Beer. My connection was a long shot but I had what I considered an interesting beer, science, and papermaking connection. I’m not sure how many guests shared my enthusiasm with this project but I had a great time regardless. Sharing your passion AND getting to taste lots of specialty brewed beers…how could you not have fun?

The project I shared at the event was my attempt at making paper from beer! Well, the grains used to make the beer, actually. With the help of Drew Matott of Peace Paper I successfully made a batch of paper made from the spent grain from the beer brewing process. I begged a friend of mine who is a home brewer to save his grain for me (I would include a link for him if he wasn’t such a recluse). After some trial and error and a hilarious bubble party resulting from an improperly prepared batch I managed to make quite a few sheets of beer grain paper. I think letterpress printing will not be an option for this paper, but we will do a test anyway. It is very…well…grainy and textured so printing on it could be difficult. Ideally this paper would make a fantastic invitation for a party, an interesting menu for a bar, or even as a label for your special bottles home brew.