Hand Marbled Wallpaper



I've been so busy with other projects recently that I've not made paper in a long time. But one thing I did work on recently was to make hand marbled wallpaper. The wallpaper is a component of the redesign of my husband's restaurant, Tsunami. This was a tremendously messy task but the results were beautiful. After ordering supplies, which included rolls of Stonehenge paper that are 50" wide by 30ft. long, I had to rig up a makeshift vat that would accommodate the extra large sheets of paper. Luckily I had experience with this when making large sheets of handmade paper. Instead of boring you with details I recommend that you watch the time lapse video included with this post. I can't say that I'd ever do this project again. But then again I never say never. Stop by our restaurant sometime to see the wallpaper in person!