Our Work

Hand Marbled Wallpaper



I've been so busy with other projects recently that I've not made paper in a long time. But one thing I did work on recently was to make hand marbled wallpaper. The wallpaper is a component of the redesign of my husband's restaurant, Tsunami. This was a tremendously messy task but the results were beautiful. After ordering supplies, which included rolls of Stonehenge paper that are 50" wide by 30ft. long, I had to rig up a makeshift vat that would accommodate the extra large sheets of paper. Luckily I had experience with this when making large sheets of handmade paper. Instead of boring you with details I recommend that you watch the time lapse video included with this post. I can't say that I'd ever do this project again. But then again I never say never. Stop by our restaurant sometime to see the wallpaper in person!

Paper Made from Beer?

About this time last year I managed to beg my way into an event a the Pink Palace Museum called The Science of Beer. My connection was a long shot but I had what I considered an interesting beer, science, and papermaking connection. I’m not sure how many guests shared my enthusiasm with this project but I had a great time regardless. Sharing your passion AND getting to taste lots of specialty brewed beers…how could you not have fun?

The project I shared at the event was my attempt at making paper from beer! Well, the grains used to make the beer, actually. With the help of Drew Matott of Peace Paper I successfully made a batch of paper made from the spent grain from the beer brewing process. I begged a friend of mine who is a home brewer to save his grain for me (I would include a link for him if he wasn’t such a recluse). After some trial and error and a hilarious bubble party resulting from an improperly prepared batch I managed to make quite a few sheets of beer grain paper. I think letterpress printing will not be an option for this paper, but we will do a test anyway. It is very…well…grainy and textured so printing on it could be difficult. Ideally this paper would make a fantastic invitation for a party, an interesting menu for a bar, or even as a label for your special bottles home brew.



Here We Go!

The Repeat Paperie is freshly hatched but oh so ready to get the show on the road. We will start out by creating handmade cards, gift tags, and ornaments for this holiday season. The Tsunami Winter Farmers’ Market is kind enough to let us have a booth space during their Saturday markets and we hope to sneak into a few holiday sales as well. Our marketing coordinator can hopefully convinceĀ a few local shops to carry our goods as well. After the holidays we will evaluate our progress and begin to venture into the wild world of custom invitations. Stay tuned!